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The 505 - Eric Williams

Eric Williams

1. Where did you grow up, and how did you come to live in New Mexico? 

I was born and raised here in Albuquerque, NM.  My mothers family has lived here since the 50's, my fathers family has lived here for many generations.  Through the years I have really learned to appreciate and love what this state has to offer.  I love to travel, but Albuquerque is home.Eric Williams2. What lessons has photography taught you?

Photography has taught me to not get discouraged by rejection, for every yes there is going to be a lot of people saying no.  You have to push through, work to improve your photos, and search out the people who will say yes.Eric Williams

3.  What has most influenced you, or your photography?

My grandfather has been my greatest influence personally.  He was a big fan of music and art, and opened my eyes to things that I wouldn't have seen without his influence.  I was also greatly influenced by his work ethic, and integrity.Eric Williams

4.  Do you have passions or talents outside your work?

Photography is not only my job, but it truly is my passion as well.  I have other interests and hobbies, such as running, mountain biking, but photography is my main interest.Eric Williams

5.  If you could photograph anyone who would it be and why?  What camera would you use?

Tough question!  My first reaction is to say Jesus, I mean who wouldn't want to know what he looked like.  Other thoughts: Ghengis Khan, Da Vinci, Gautama Buddha.  As far as which camera, why not go with the Hasselblad HSD-60!

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